Weed Spraying and Fertilising


Lawn Enforcer Garden Care offers our customers the option of weed spraying and fertilising.  We give you the option of organic or chemical pesticides; we understand the importance of choice for our customers.

Although we do like our customers to know that continued regular use of organic products does develop a more disease-resistant, healthy lawn which therefore decreases the dependency on pesticides.  Lawn Enforcer Garden Care can apply chemical products, in liquid form, that prevent, control, or eliminate weed problems, just let us know which you prefer.   Whichever product you choose for us to use, Lawn Enforcer Garden Care do so sensibly and safely using only the amount necessary to control the problem.  We only spot spray for any specific problems to avoid the excessive and unnecessary use of chemicals.  Lawn Enforcer Garden Care help you achieve the lawns you desire, our focus is always on the customer.