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Hedging and Pruning

We are trained in Horticulture and specialise in hedging and pruning

Everyone wants a well maintained garden with a presentable look. With all  all the hedges trimmed and trees pruned, it enhances the appeal of your garden and your home. Lawn Enforcer Garden Care takes pride in the hedging and pruning services we provide.

Trimmed hedges and shrubs give a classic finish to your garden and makes for a well-maintained space. At Lawn Enforcer Garden Care we know that trees, plants and shrubs need special attention so we do our best to get those trees, plants and shrubs looking neat and tidy making your garden look its best.

Lawn Enforcer Garden Care ensures to keep the trees in your garden in shape as per your requirement. We listen to our customers and try our best to give you the results you are looking for.

We believe that hedging and pruning of shrubs and trees is something that has to be done right.  It gives that perfect finish to enhance the look of your garden.

All our services and prices quoted include the removal of all cuttings.